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Antix Capture Technology identifies and auto-tags your movements. Intelligent GoPro Video Editing Antix finds your highlights in your GoPro video ready for you to edit into the perfect movie. See Antix in action KEY FEATURES. GoPro Control. Control your GoPro over WiFi straight.Antix is the best video editing app for your iPhone, Android and GoPro camera. Get the free app and get creating awesome videos now! This edit was powered by Antix intelligent editing technology.Antix is a London-based hip hop artist who has received over a million Youtube views since his debut in 2010. Antix has been included in the MTV Brand New shortlist and received video exclusives.antiX-17.3(.1) releases. Any/CDN. EvoWise. Linuxfreedom. Sourceforge. Africa. Kenya - liquidtelecom - Nairobi. Namibia - NUST - Windhoek. South Africa.Antix Medium is a GREAT boat for some play but mostly river running, especially if you’ve paddled playboats in the past. I weight 175 and it’s perfect for most any river I paddle. I paddle the LG on big / steep / harder water like N Fork or Suck Creek but the Medium is a treat on North Chick, Gauley, Caney Fork, Watauga, Numbers.

NET/JS Architect and Developer for hire. image/svg+xml. Anthony Johnston Antix Software.antiX comes in four flavours for 32 and 64 bit boxes. antiX comes as a full distro ( 800MB), a base distro ( 700MB), a core distro (c310MB) and a net distro (c150MB) all with a kernel that will boot "antique" PII, PIII computers as well as the latest "modern" processors.antiX is a fast, lightweight and easy to install systemd-free linux live CD distribution based on Debian Stable for Intel-AMD x86 compatible systems. antiX offers users the “antiX Magic” in an environment suitable for old and new computers.Antix advanced reporting and dashboards give you unparalleled analytics on your event and financial.Antix (video game), a 1985 game for MS-DOS developed by the creator of Tetris. Antix Productions, a UK television production company who produce Most Haunted. antiX, a Linux distribution based on Debian. Antix (rapper), British-Jordanian hip hop artist. Antix (band), a band from Los Angeles, California.