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KUTEM is an energy research center at Koç University established in 2012 by funds from Tüpraş.The center constitutes of around 30 faculty members in Engineering, Sciences and Administrative Science Economics.

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Wikidata:Showcase items. From Wikidata. Showcase items on Wikidata are items that fully represent what Wikidata is capable of and displays in full detail the data that can be stored on Wikidata and then eventually used in every Wikimedia project and outside of Wikimedia.

Batman University Journal of Life Sciences, Volume 1, Number 1, (2012) Batman University International participated Science and Culture Symposium, 18-20 April 2012 Batman, TURKEY.

Home to a thriving ecosystem of female innovators, Raleigh/Durham boasts Forbes 30 Under 30 winner Tatiana Birgisson Founder of Mati Tea (she’s a Leadership exCHANGE alumna!), iFundWomen, e51, SOAR, and Pinkcubator. Housed at HQ Raleigh, the US South’s largest center for innovators, the program provides you access to women innovators.

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Virtual Meeting Dear citizens! You may directly contact Mr. Safar Mehdiyev, the Chairman of the State Customs Committee, customs service lieutenant-general in case there arises a need to solve problems related to your customs operations and foreign economic activities at the Committee levels.